The Spitfire rotary shotgun tool is designed for cleaning difficult and irregular surfaces where manual shotgun cleaning is required. The extra lightweight Spitfire requires little maintenance, reducing down time and increasing productivity.
  • Handles a wide range of pressure ratings from 2–22k psi (140–1500 bar) – fewer tools to buy to cover all applications and less downtime swapping or rebuilding tools
  • High speed rotation is excellent for removing thin coatings
  • Angled jets allow have broader impact for quicker, more effective cleaning of large surfaces and odd shapes
  • Fewer parts and no seals to stock or replace means reduced costs and maintenance downtime
  • Short overall tool length and light weight allow easy handling and less operator fatigue
  • External shield option protects the tool from damage caused by lateral impacts
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Tool Model Pressure Range Flow Range Rotation Speed Inlet Connection Weight Max Operating Temperature
SPFR-P8-S / SPFR-P8-B 5-15K psi / 340-1000 bar 2-15 GPM / 8-58 l/min 3000-5000 RPM 1/2" NPT 1.50 lb / 0.70 kg (S) or 1.70 lb / 0.80 kg (B) 212 F / 100 C
SPFR-MP-9-S / SPFR-MP9-B 5-22K psi / 340-1500 bar 4-13 GPM / 16-49 l/min 3000-5000 RPM 9/16" HP / M24 1.50 lb / 0.70 kg (S) or 1.70 lb / 0.80 kg (B) 250 F / 120 C
  1. Spitfire User Manual