We are totally dedicated to providing our customers with the absolute best customer service available in the water blasting equipment supply field.  Delivering the best equipment is part of this commitment, and for that reason we are proud to be an authorized re-seller of a world renowned company, StoneAge Tools.

We help our customers solve problems and meet their needs for water blasting equipment, including the full range of StoneAge products.  Our friendly and professional sales team can provide product knowledge that will help in the application, maintenance, and repair of all of StoneAge tools.

2" Badger 2" badger self-rotary swivel 2" Badger StoneAge 4" Badger 4" badger self-rotary swivel 4" StoneAge Badger 6" Badger 6" badger self-rotary swivel attack Attack Tips BA-BSPP6 BA-H6 BA-LK-BSPP4 BA-LK-MP9L BA-LK-MP9R BA-LK-P4 BA-M24 BA-MP9 BA-P6 BA-P8 BA-TM12 Badger Banshee banshee tube spinners Barracuda BC-H9-C BC-H9LF-C BC-H9XXLF-C-TI BC-K BC-K-P2 BJV BJV self-rotary swivel BJV Series BJV-H9 BJV-M24 BJV-MP12 BJV-P12 BJV-P16 BN13 BN15 BN18 BN24 BN33 BN9.5 BT12 BT18 BT25 extension nipples Gopher gopher self-rotary swivels low pressure nozzles medium pressure nozzles nozzles pipe extensions raptor self-rotary swivel rotary cleaning for small lines rotary cleaning for straight pipes rotary cleaning nozzles rotary cleaning nozzles for pipes with bends rotary shotgun cleaning nozzles rotary tube cleaning nozzles Sapphire Sapphire Nozzles Sapphires self-rotary swivel SG SG swivels shotgun Spitfire shotgun swivel Spitfire Spitfire shotgun spitfire shotgun swivel Spitfire StoneAge Spitfire StoneAge Tools Spitfire swivel StoneAge StoneAge 2" Badger StoneAge 2" badger self-rotary swivel StoneAge 4" Badger StoneAge 4" badger self-rotary swivel StoneAge 6" Badger StoneAge 6" badger self-rotary swivel StoneAge attack nozzles StoneAge Attack Tips StoneAge Badger StoneAge banshee StoneAge banshee tube spinners StoneAge Barracuda StoneAge BJV StoneAge BJV self-rotary swivel StoneAge BJV Series StoneAge extension nipples StoneAge Gopher StoneAge gopher self-rotary swivels StoneAge low pressure nozzles StoneAge medium pressure nozzles StoneAge nozzles StoneAge pipe extensions StoneAge raptor self-rotary swivel StoneAge Sapphire Nozzles StoneAge Sapphires StoneAge SG swivels StoneAge Spitfire StoneAge Spitfire shotgun StoneAge spitfire shotgun swivel StoneAge Spitfire swivel StoneAge Tools StoneAge Tools 2" Badger StoneAge Tools 4" Badger StoneAge Tools 6" Badger StoneAge Tools attack nozzles StoneAge Tools Attack Tips StoneAge Tools Badger StoneAge Tools Banshee StoneAge Tools Barracuda StoneAge Tools BJV StoneAge Tools BJV Series StoneAge Tools extension nipples StoneAge Tools Gopher StoneAge Tools low pressure nozzles StoneAge Tools medium pressure nozzles StoneAge Tools nozzles StoneAge Tools pipe extensions StoneAge Tools Sapphire Nozzles StoneAge Tools Sapphires StoneAge Tools SG swivels StoneAge Tools Spitfire StoneAge Tools Spitfire shotgun StoneAge Tools Spitfire swivel swivels tips tube spinners