The 6” Badger features adjustable speed control which allows operators to meet the demands of the task at hand – slower speeds for tough deposits and plugs, faster rotation for easier jobs or polishing.
  • Only rotary pipe cleaning tool on the market with adjustable speed control for fine-tuning to specific requirements
  • Different jetting configurations allow for more or less pull and forward hitting power
  • Navigates elbows as small as 6 in. (152 mm)
  • Speed controlled rotary tools provide complete internal coverage, while providing optimum jet delivery
  • Maximize cleaning by choosing slower speeds for hard to clean or plugged pipes, and faster speeds for polishing easy to clean pipes with a single tool
  • Optimize the tool for a variety of pumps pressures and flows with multiple jetting options
  • Centralizer options for larger pipe sizes available
  • Pair with the ABX-500 for hands-free pipe cleaning
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Tool Model Pressure Range Flow Range Rotation Speed Inlet Connection Weight Max Operating Temperature
BA-MP9 / BA-M24 12-22K psi / 840-1500 bar 14-43 GPM / 53-163 l/min 50-300 RPM (Adjustable) 9/16" MP / M24 8.00 lb / 3.60 kg 250 F / 120 C
BA-P8 2-15K psi / 140-1000 bar 15-55 GPM / 57-208 l/min 50-300 RPM (Adjustable) 1/2" NPT 8.00 lb / 3.60 kg 250 F / 120 C
  1. 6" Badger User Manual