Banshee tube cleaning nozzles use high pressure water as a liquid bearing, thereby eliminating ball bearings, seals or lubricant used in conventional rotary tools. Each tool is easily configured to suit any application by choosing from a variety of replaceable heads and inlet options.
  • Patented liquid bearing design means no bearings, seals or lubricants to replace
  • Stainless steel construction for extreme durability and longevity
  • Multiple inlet options and replaceable heads make configurations easy
  • Shrouded model keeps head protected and rotating when tool is pushed against a plug
  • Unplugging, cleaning, and polishing tubes, such as those found in heat exchangers and industrial tube bundles
  • Effectively removes thin, hard scale, carbons, coke, and polymers
  • Banshee Beetle models are designed to work around tight radiused bends
  1. 20K psi Banshee Manual
  2. 40K psi Banshee Manual
  3. Shrouded Banshee Manual