SKU: 62-001-038

The Mamba Jetlance is a hand-held, air-powered cleaning tool that uses ultrahigh-pressure water to remove coatings and other substances. It is designed to be lightweight for ease of use, yet powerful enough for effective cleaning. The Mamba Jetlance combines ultrahigh pressures with relatively low volumes of water and extremely high nozzle rotation speeds. This provides excellent removal rates, while generating a minimal amount of wastewater.

The Mamba Jetlance has two major components:  the hand-held, air-powered cleaning tool with a dual trigger—a safety item that prohibits anyone from operating the tool unless they have a hand on each trigger.  a protective frame called a tumble box, which contains the ultrahigh-pressure on/off valve, water separator, air lubricator, air pressure gauge, air regulator, and air on/off valve. These two components are connected by a 15 ft (4.5 m) ultrahigh-pressure hose and a 15 ft pneumatic hose.