Electric Husky 40/ 55k PSI Industrial Pump System


The pinnacle of innovation with the most advanced and compact 40k and 55k UHP industrial pump system on the market. Engineered for superior power and unparalleled durability.

Standard Features
• Diagnostic sensors assist with troubleshooting and maintenance.
• Data logging stores alarms and key data points for quick and easy troubleshooting.
• Full pressure compensation allows for multiple tool use.
• Automatic pump safety relief valve reduces system water pressure to (near) zero PSI within a second of over-pressure to protect the pump and operator.
• Operator-friendly graphic user interface.
• Multiple high-pressure outlet ports.
• On-board water boost pump and filtration systems.
• 40-gallon hydraulic fluid tank.
• NEMA Premium® efficiency electric motor.
• Smallest footprint on the market at 65" H x 85" W x 47" D.

• 55,000 PSI, the highest pressure available in the industry, maximizes productivity.
• Lower cost of operation gives contractors a competitive advantage.
• Compatible with all existing Flow industrial cleaning products.
• The latest technology from APS ensures the easiest-to-use, most reliable pump in the industry.