Diesel S50 Blastmax 10/ 20/ 40k PSI


The market's most versatile and compact industrial cleaning pump system, with easy conversion between pressure ranges from 3k to 40k psi for increased versatility and quick-change maintenance for maximum uptime.

The S50 is a powerful positive displacement, triplex plunger pump system. These pumps are designed and manufactured to operate in continuous service at a designed flow and pressure. The Series 50 pump is designed for full-scale industrial use including but not limited to industrial cleaning, surface preparation and hydrostatic testing applications.

Standard Features
• A triplex, belt-drive, high-pressure pump with easy access to seals and check valves.
• Splash lubrication system.
• Over-pressure protection discs.
• 10 Micron Absolute inlet water filter.

• Smallest footprint and most compact design in the industry. Ideal for confined areas.
• The industry's most powerful unit relative to its size (capable of up to 40k psi).
• Great for industrial cleaning and hydrostatic testing applications.
• Engineered for uninterrupted operation and extended pump longevity.
• Lightweight design for high mobility and ease of transportation.
• The unique Valve-In-Line fluid end design provides higher volumetric efficiency for increased productivity and lower operating costs.