Meet the Mamba: The Next-Gen Upgrade to the A-3000

Meet the Mamba: The Next-Gen Upgrade to the A-3000

June 28, 2024

The evolution of high-pressure rotary jetlance technology has reached a new milestone with the introduction of the Mamba gun, the successor to the A-3000. Both jetlances utilize the reputable Flow swivel assembly, but the Mamba incorporates significant advancements in the air drive system and shroud components, leading to enhanced performance, durability, and user experience.

Flow Swivel Assembly The Flow swivel assembly, found in both the A-3000 and Mamba rotary gun, is known for its outstanding performance, reliability, ease of service, low cost, and adaptability across various tools. This component effectively channels water from the UHP hose into a spindle shaft, allowing the rotary gun to swivel efficiently. It is supported by two bearings, ensuring fast rotation of the nozzle body.

Air Drive System Enhancements While the A-3000 utilizes a pneumatic air drill with a belt and pulley system to rotate the nozzle, the Mamba has made a significant leap forward with its air drive system. The Mamba employs an inline air motor with a direct gear drive, eliminating the maintenance-intensive belt drive of its predecessor. This upgrade reduces downtime and maintenance costs, providing a more reliable and efficient operation.

Shroud and Barrel Stem Bushing Innovations The coupling system, which allows for 3 varying barrel stem lengths, remains a common feature. However, the Mamba has redefined the shroud and barrel stem components:

  1. End Stem Bearing:
    • The A-3000 uses a brass end stem bushing to maintain barrel alignment and minimize vibration. Over time, these bushings wear out, leading to barrel wobble, operator fatigue, and premature component wear.
    • The Mamba replaces this with an end stem bearing housed in a protective thread-on shroud, safeguarding the bearing from damage and debris. This results in smoother, more precise barrel rotation, extending component life and reducing operator fatigue.
  2. Mid Stem Bushing:
    • In the longest A-3000 versions, both mid and end stem bushings are brass, requiring frequent replacement.
    • The Mamba upgrades the mid stem bushing material for enhanced durability and reduced maintenance, ensuring longer, smoother operation with less frequent service requirements.

In conclusion, the Mamba jetlance represents a substantial advancement over the A-3000, offering improved reliability, reduced maintenance, and enhanced operator comfort. By integrating an inline air motor with a direct gear drive and upgrading shroud components, the Mamba sets a new standard in jetlance technology, delivering superior performance and longevity.

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