Our Team

APS was established as a company in April of 2007, but the cumulative experience of our people means that we can offer a wealth of knowledge related to our industry that rivals that of the oldest of our competitors. Here are some of our key personnel and their experience, which we place at the disposal of our customers.

Peter Goldsmith, P.E.Peter J. Goldsmith, a Professional Engineer, is the Managing Director for Advanced Pressure Systems.  He holds a Master's Degree in Water Resources Engineering and has been connected in the water blasting Industry since 1985.  Peter and business partner David Mitchell founded CRS Power Flow and sold it to Gardner Denver, Inc. in the year 2000.  Peter handles the financial control of APS and also serves as Chief Engineer.

David MitchellDavid L. Mitchell is the Director of Operations and has been involved in the manufacture of precision metal components since 1976.  David was instrumental in founding CRS Power Flow and he has been closely involved in the manufacturing of Water Blasting Equipment since the early 1980’s.  David is responsible for business development at Advanced Pressure Systems and also handles the design of special products.

Kenneth KujawaKenneth (Kenny) W. Kujawa joined Advanced Pressure Systems in 2006 and became the Partner in charge of Manufacturing.  In this capacity, Kenny works closely with Sheree Paramore.  Kenny has been involved in manufacturing of machined metal products since 1979.  His water blasting experience began in 1987, when he joined CRS Power Flow.  He moved to Gardner Denver in 2000 and is a “hands-on” machinist who has direct daily contact with all aspects of machining and finishing APS product components.

Sheree ParamoreSheree L. Paramore is the Partner in charge of Production and Inventory Control.  She has extensive experience in manufacturing and materials resource planning, ranging from products as large as offshore cranes and truck trailers and as small as printed circuit board connectors.  The majority of her experience has been connected with the water blasting industry.  Sheree began at American Aero (Weatherford) in 1981.  In 1995, she joined CRS Power Flow and then moved to Gardner Denver.  And in 2007, Sheree assumed her present position at APS.

Patricia EnstromPatricia (Patty) Enstrom is our Office Manager.  Patty joined CRS Power Flow back in 1994.  In 2000, she moved to Gardner Denver.  In 2001 she left, returning to APS in 2006. She ensures the office runs smoothly and is available to help APS customers who may have general administrative questions about their invoices or shipping charges.  She can also assist in setting up credit terms or handling credit card purchases.

Kent MaddieKent M. Maddie is the Vice President of Sales.  His experience extends back to 1977, where he started as an operator with Hydro-Chem, a major industrial cleaning company.  Since then, Kent has been continuously connected with all aspects of the water blasting Industry, gaining extensive experience in manufacturing, assembly, and repair of all types of equipment.  And since the early 1990’s, Mr. Maddie has been in sales with companies such as Jetting Systems and Gardner Denver, where his dedication to customer service has earned him a solid reputation throughout the industry.  Kent joined APS in 2007.

Fabian VillanuevaPrior to joining APS, Fabian Villanueva had acquired six years experience in the water blasting industry, including extensive hands-on experience with two of the major water blast pump manufacturers.  He progressed to inside sales/customer service/international sales before joining us at the beginning of 2011.  Fabian specializes in innovative product applications and helping customers develop cost effective solutions to their water blasting problems.  Fabian is bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish.

Johnny MatsoukasJohnny Matsoukas is the Branch Manager of our new office in La Porte, Texas.  Johnny has extensive experience in the water blasting industry stretching back to 1995, when he started with CRS Power Flow in the product assembly shop.  In 1998, Johnny moved to a sales position.  In 2004, he took an outside sales position with NLB, and in 2009 he joined APS as an outside sales representative.  Johnny has excellent product knowledge, and his friendly, helpful manner, in addition to his commitment to providing the best customer service possible, make him a valuable asset to APS.

Nick RaganNick Ragan had more than 6 years experience working in customer service and inventory management before joining APS in early 2013.  Since then, Nick has gained extensive experience with a variety of water blasting equipment and accessories.  As a Sales Representative, Nick assists customers with products and applications, processes orders, assists in international sales, and handles new inquiries.  He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communications from the University of Houston.